waiting for winter to pass

waiting for spring to pass through

Not all days are good, but most are.

Some days are a little gloomy, inside and outside. And with winter slowly seeing its way out, spring has never been more welcomed. Meanwhile, I’m learning to see the beauty in the gloom and keep my eyes on the horizon for better, brighter days.

I hope that somehow you see the beauty in the storm, too.
colorado windmill

Cheers to a lovely spring.


Broomfield Colorado Open Space Sunset

open space and a heavenly sunset

They say running is the best therapy… and they’re right.

I needed a little cheering up today so I took out the running leash, grabbed my furry-trainer and we headed out to the nearest “open-space.” They have these spaces throughout the Denver communities and they are simply divine (whomever made reserved open space a priority… thank you)!

It may not be the Pacific sunsets which I miss more than I can express, but today it was my solace. I made it out right before sunset and stopped halfway around to snap this picture to share.

Broomfield Colorado Open Space Sunset

Now I’m refreshed, the pup is tired, and I’m ready for my sweat pants and a little relaxing.

Wishing you all a lovely evening,
❤ Melanie

a 2 degree sunrise

I’ve been working really hard to get into a good gym routine, and it’s been a challenge. There are many reasons why I’ve always been scared of them (people, germs, and the fact that I look ridiculous trying to do pullups). But! With the help of my Brother and Sister-in-Law Ruth, we’ve been making it happen.

My reward for baring the 2 degree temperature at 6am this morning (other than the $1.25 Mochaccino while exiting the rec center)?

This moment.

Wishing you the best Friday and weekend,
Xo Melanie