have faith bigger than your fears

faith bigger than my fears

have faith bigger than your fearsLately I keep seeing picture-quotes about “having faith bigger than your fears” and they always make me so happy. Why?

1. It sounds so simple, so wise.
2. It seems romantic.
3. It’s exactly what I need to do.

1. Faith v. Fear | Great wisdom, but wait… 

In church the other day, the pastor pointed out these definitions:

fear: the belief that something unseen will come true
faith: the belief that something unseen will come true

I was confused for a while until I learned the difference. Faith is having absolute trust that God’s plan will work out as it’s meant to be (including timing).

2. Yes please to romance.

For some reason I hear this quote about faith and I just picture this incredible future, full of joy and love and confidence that everything will be okay. Not perfect, I know that…but it will be as it was meant to be.

And, if possible, I don’t want fear to get in the way.

3. I need to quit the drama and be done living each day in fear.

Ugh, here we go: my insecurities about my body, my anxiety about things being out of my control, worrying that I’ll get my heart broken again, etc.

My fears are getting in the way of a joyful future (see #2). It’s heavy to carry around and I don’t think faith and fear can coexist. So, I need to ditch one.

Over & Done, It’s Not Me, It’s You…

Dear Fear,

I’ve had enough. The only person that is going to let my past ruin my future is you. So, I have to let you go.

I choose faith. I choose to be happy. I choose to believe in God’s plan (and timing). I choose to believe so deeply in what’s to come that I won’t allow you to get in my way.

So that’s it. I’m breaking up with you and starting a new romance with faith. And, I decided this, um… this morning when I woke up.

Xo, Melanie

P.s. I’m already living with faith… too soon? Too bad.


As much as I wish I could.. I’m not saying I’m instantly SuperWoman (although I love her style). Rather, each day I’m going to try to be less fearful.

Instead, I’ll be more faithful. More confident. More relaxed. More trusting. More brave. So as my faith grows, my fears will fade.

And, I’m ready… Shall we?