Beauties Supporting Bullies

Where My Vegans At?

Remember those “Bullies” I mentioned last week? Well guess what? They’ve got some Vegan-Friendly Beauties on their side.

For the rest of this month, Naked Eye Beauty is supporting Bullies and Buddies by donating a portion of their sales to the rescue! Now that’s support! And let me tell you, the dogs could use the help!

Naked Eye Beauty is a homemade, all-natural, vegan-friendly skin and cosmetics line based out of the Los Angeles area. From cosmetics to jewelry, they have quite the collection of beautiful, quality products to enjoy.

So get to shopping at the Etsy shop or website get yourself that fresh spring make-up you’ve been wanting. And, support our little Bullies and friends at Naked Eye Beauty while you’re at it!

Trust me, these dogs could use a helping hand!!

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Xo, Melanie