lebkuchen loft | a collection of all things me

welcome to my vision board. my dreams. my life.

right now, my blogging adventure begins with bits and pieces of holistic living, d.i.y. adventures, a gluten free cooking dairy, all things german, reflections of a twenty-something year old and an obsession with pit bull rescue.

i’m learning that in life things change quickly. so, I’m trying to live for today, count my blessings, and keep it positive.

while many things are uncertain, there’s a few constants in my life: if i had it my way… i’d live life by candlelight, always have a cup of tea within reach, make falling leaves permanent, have a full and delicious cookie jar, enjoy every sunset, start a band, go to italy, save pit bulls, have my best friend nearby and always appreciate how blessed I have been…* oh and be the boss.

welcome to my sweet, gingerbread destiny

i hope you enjoy it.



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