When One Chapter Ends…

…Another Begins

I can’t believe that after five-and-a-half years, today will mark my last day at Vortala. This chapter, long in the making, now comes to an end. And while I may have cried a few tears lately saying “farewell” to my closest team members, I am filled with joy and forever excited to begin my next chapter in chiropractic college.

To My Team,


Friendships like this, last a lifetime.

While some may describe Vortala as an internet service, to me, it’s so much more than that. We don’t just develop websites; we better people’s lives. We don’t just work nine-to-five; we work until the job is done. We’re not defined by our jobs; we’re defined by our passions. And most importantly, we’re not just co-workers, we’re the truest of friends.

Our bond is strong because, at Vortala, our jobs are just a small fraction of what we mean to each other. We go far beyond helping each other with tasks at work and over the years have truly become tight-knit friends. We carry each other through every single up and down of life and support each other in our journeys… because that’s what friends do.


Sarah, you are by far, the best mentor I could have hoped for.

You all have been with me through so much over the past years and I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today without you. Thank you for all the help, guidance, understanding, love and support you’ve shown me and I can’t wait to rejoin your team down the road (on the flip side).

If you ever need some cheesy quotes, someone to talk to, or a little company, you know where to find me!

Wishing you all the best that is yet to come,


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