losing who you are…

I’ve had a lot of conversations in the past few months with friends regarding people “losing themselves,” being defined by whatever is going on in their lives… children, animals, fitness, etc. Conversations, social media outlets, photos…they all so accurately reflect our current fascinations.

And these expressions seem to really gets on people’s nerves for some reason.

Somehow, I find myself really defensive when this topic comes up. It’s probably because I know it’s something I do as well… dating, my dog, marriage, running, divorce, God…you name it. I quickly let my identity be overtaken in the excitement of whatever new chapter is upon me.

Guilty as charged.

Their Highlights v. Your Behind-The-Scenes

I post tons of photos of my dog and talk about him all lot. I feel guilty after I post a photo from a run but I just want to share the beauty along my path. And, honestly I don’t like feeling bad about it.

Nor do I want to feel guilty not blatantly posting the bad in my life. I believe in good energy and don’t want to bring others down for no reason. So, while I’m not hiding any secrets, I still remember to never compare my life with other’s, and vice versa.

But why is this so bothersome to some?

I can’t quite figure it out.

Are you obsessed because you’re posting baby photos to your Facebook feed (or dog photos <–guilty)? Have you lost yourself in your relationship because your profile picture is you and your partner (rather than just you)? Are you vain for posting fitness photos on Instagram?


I’m realizing that it doesn’t mean you’re losing yourself at all.

Rather, you’re finding yourself in your present journey.

It’s defining the person that you are today, your passions, loves, and struggles. It’s being present in the moment, regardless of what others think about you. It’s embracing your beliefs and simply, embracing you.

And, it’s sharing your life with the world.

So cheers to loving the life you live, and letting other’s lose their way onto their newest path,

Xo Melanie

love your life


6 thoughts on “losing who you are…

  1. Melanie, this is such an excellently written post!! I don’t think anyone has ever complained about Stig photos, mainly because he’s too adorable and because the rest of us are jealous of those ears. Your positivity and the way you embrace life are such inspirations; I hope you know that 🙂 xxx

  2. Awwwwww Kobes! That means so much! I’ve had so many convos with you and my other friends I had to sit down and figure it out. I love you, thank you so much for your kind words ❤️

  3. I love this! I don’t know who is complaining about pictures of Stig, because he is an excellent young lad. I think that you are allowed to share and not share whatever parts of your life that you see fit. You are definitely not required to share the negative, and should never feel ashamed about sharing the positive. You are such an amazing person and I know that I am blessed for knowing such a beautiful person inside and out 🙂 Love you Mel!

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