my favorite things | 2011

Raindrops on roses…

It’s here already. The nearing of the new year, and end of a very eventful 2011.

Looking back on my experiences I’ve gathered my favorite-things list for the year to remind me of all my blessings and cherished moments of 2011.

My 2011 Favorite:

concert: bon iver

restaurant: the spot

experience: local farmers markets, nose piercing, blogging, tears of joy

geekery: new glasses

advice: if you compromise on everything, you’ll never be satisfied

proud moment: my hubby making music

discovery: eucalyptus essential oil

old habit, relived: playing guitar

book: the 5 love languages

test of patience: saving for new apartment and four-legged friend

blessing: my parents health

thing to share: lash love and auroshikha incense

routine: morning tea

trips: 4 weddings

date night: dodger game (complete with dodger dog and a beer)

introduction: meeting my amazing co-workers (in person)

So, cheers to all of your experiences, accomplishments, and memories of the past year, and for those yet to come…



4 thoughts on “my favorite things | 2011

  1. Thankful in 2011
    This year I am remember the things I am most thankful for:
    A relationship with the Lord that sees me through my sunniest as well as most challenging days
    Family members that value our love languages and teach me so much
    Friends that I can laugh, cry, and pray with
    A home to share with friends and family
    A new job
    People who have a heart big enough to forgive
    Healthy lungs
    Christmas spirit
    The beauty of the Lord’s handiwork – nature
    Health to do the things I love
    Music to cheer
    The ability to take a ransack pantry and whip up something yummy
    Prayer, and an:
    Amazing weekend. Eagle, eaglet, no breaks, orange full moon, family, good food, and Christmas songs. My heart is happy.

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